Platform Security

We use detailed measures and methods to ensure maximum security of your accounts and wallets.

93% of the platform's funds are stored offline.

Offline data storage provides an important measure of protection against theft.

Confidential data stored on our servers is disconnected from the Internet.


The data is encrypted according to the AES-256 standard and copied to backup encrypted disks.


Drives and paper backups are stored in secure safes in different countries.


Two-factor verification in all accounts. An additional level of protection for all accounts.


All Findex24 platform traffic is fully encrypted using an SSL certificate (https//).


Wallets (and private keys) are stored using the AES-256 encryption method.


We use SQL input filters and verify the authenticity of POST, PUT and DELETE requests to prevent CSRF type attacks.
We limit the number of actions on the site (account login attempts, etc.).


We use hashing of passwords stored in the database.
Application accounts are stored separately from the database and the code base.