Additional agreement

Additional agreement

1. Information published on Website (here in after referred to as the "Website") provides general information and materials. You do not have the right and should not rely on the Website for the purposes of legal advice, business advice and other advice of any kind. You are acting at your own risk if you rely on the content of the Website. If you decide to act or not to act, you should contact a licensed lawyer in the relevant jurisdiction in which you want or need to get help. Under no circumstances are the owners of the Website and the project participants responsible for your actions, decisions and behavior that you make and commit relying on the Website.

2. Transfers The Website may contain a translation of the English version of the content available on the website. This translation is given solely for convenience. In case of any conflict between the English version and the translated version, the English version shall prevail. If you notice any discrepancy, please report it to us.

3. Risks of using Cryptocurrencies
The Website is not responsible for any losses, damages and claims arising from events from the following five categories:

(1) User errors related to Cryptocurrencies, software and services, such as: forgotten passwords, payments to the wrong cryptocurrency address, accidental deletion of the wallet.
(2) Problems with the functioning of the website or any cryptocurrency-related software or service, such as: a corrupted wallet file, incorrectly created transactions, insecure cryptographic libraries, malicious code that hit the website or any cryptocurrency-related software or service.
(3) Technical problems of the user's devices or any cryptocurrency-related software or service, for example, data loss due to a faulty or damaged storage device.
(4) Security problems faced by any user of software or services related to Cryptocurrencies, for example, unauthorized access to user wallets and/or accounts.
(5) Actions or omissions of third parties and/or events affecting third parties, for example, bankruptcy of service providers, attacks on information security or service providers and fraud by third parties.

4. Investment risks Investing in cryptocurrencies can lead to monetary losses in the short or even long term. Individuals investing in cryptocurrencies should understand that prices can fluctuate in a wide range.The information posted on the Website does not guarantee that investors in cryptocurrencies will not lose money.

5. Compliance with tax legislation Users of this Website independently determine which taxes (if any) are applicable to their transactions with cryptocurrencies. The owners of the Website and the persons involved in the development of this Website are NOT responsible for the taxation that applies to bitcoin transactions.

6. No guarantees The Website operates on an "as is" basis without any warranties of any kind with respect to the Website and/or any content, data, materials and/or services provided on the Website.

7. Limitation of Liability Unless otherwise provided by law, under no circumstances will the owners of the Website and project participants be liable for damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, loss of exploitation, loss of profit, loss of data arising from or related in any way to the use of the Website.

8. Arbitration The Website User agrees to arbitration of any dispute related to the Website or this clause, except for disputes related to copyrights, logos, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets and patents.

9. Last amendment This information was last updated on July 1, 2022.